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Finding A Gal

Most men are not attractive to women, only 20% are who a women wants to go to bed with. Unfortunately there are guys that are left out of the love game, but there are ways to get a date or a long time relationship. Providing security is an important asset for a guy searching to […]

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Meditation for Kids

Meditation, yoga and other mind strengthening exercises are popping up all over the world and for good reason. Studies show that these exercises help children be more attentive, forge good friendships, induce self-control, teach respect and empathy towards their fellow buddies all while reducing stress, hyperactive behaviour, reducing the symptoms of ADHD and increasing their […]

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How To Start A Non For Profit Organization

Writing For a Good Cause Has Been Proven To Work. Start A Non For Profit Organization. Writing for a good cause is a great way to feel better about your self while helping other people. Starting a non-profit organization is a great way to do this. You and your colleagues will earn a living by […]

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Silk: The Queen of All Fabrics

Silk has always caught eyes and hearts since its discovery. It is rather a luxury good. The maintenance of secrecy of the process of its production by its discoverers, in the early history, seems to be totally justified. This precious and beautifully smooth and shiny fabric was mostly a royal taste. With time, various variations […]

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Moving House? Here’s What You Need To Know

Face it: relocation time is knocking at your door. There are no two ways about it, so carry on with what needs to be done for a smooth transition. Relocation time is actually a great way to start afresh. Throw out the old (literally!), and avoid buying more stuff for the house till the time […]

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