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New Home Necessities From A Dog’s Point of View

Our friend Lise just adopted a baby. His name is Lucas and he is a Morkie (Yorkie and Maltese mix). Yup, Lucas is a dog. Lise wanted to adopt a new baby after Missy, her 15 year old dog, crossed over Rainbow Bridge. Once you’ve loved a pet, it’s hard to imagine life without one. […]

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The End of Her Patience

When you feel as if you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, always remember that somewhere out there is a girl just like you who can only wish for a life like yours. There’s always someone with more hardships and the moment you realize that is when your while perspective on life […]

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Children’s Book Helps Overcome 1st Day School Jitters

Minimizing your child’s fears while transitioning from the home to school can have lifelong benefits. The transition from home to school can create scars that last into adulthood. The trauma created on the first day of school, first time alone without parents, 1 st day of preschool, 1st time with the sitter are all fearful […]

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Couponing Is Not For The Weak

Do you find yourself walking through the grocery store wishing things would be just a little cheaper? Or maybe you find yourself wishing you clipped that coupon you saw days ago for the item you are about to purchase now at full price. Perhaps you have clipped the coupons you are so excitedly waiting to […]

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